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Updated: Feb 1, 2020

I woke up feeling devastated. Not just that. I feel an extreme guilt over living the life I am living right this moment. I have a safe home. I have access to any food I want. And more. While some are breathing the smokey air as I am writing these lines.

In this kind of moments I feel what a f*d up life it is. I feel low and demotivated.

However some heartwarming scenes I see made me realize the tiny line between love and low.

Love and Low are extreme opposites of each other. Lack of love causes low.

Where did we start to lose?

Exactly here. At love.

We walked away from ourselves - before from each other.

Lost our souls to Instagram, we live a fake life each day in our miserable bodies.

We need to wake up from our idiotic, egocentric mentality. We need to realize how small it is to be nationalism fanatics. The more we try to own our countries through wars, the more we lose from ourselves and from this world. This rat race is causing us more pain.

You do not need to make a donation today.

You can simply start by smiling at the person walking through you. A small act of kindness opens hearts which radiates more love into our environment. Smiling is contagious. Love is contagious.

Try one small act of kindness today. Out of love for love.

And if you want to do more

Here are 2 links to donate for #bushfiresaustralia

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