• Cansu Ozgul

We are what we see from our parents

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

We are what we see from our parents.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I was able to come to a conclusion that we represented our parents in our relationships. As long as we try to be us alone, it is usually hard to go away from our roots. If certain mal behaviors cannot be fixed, they are transmitted to generations.

I have had boyfriends, who would be lovely, but then they would flip out of the blue.

As a daughter of an extremely loving family, I was raised sensitive, heartful, passionate and humanistic.

Whenever I had an interaction with a man whose family did not show him much love, I would feel the lack of it in our relationship at some point. First I was blaming my self. But then when I realized these repeating patterns in my life, I wanted to see why this was happening to me one after one. Why was I attracting men who had issues in their father figures/ short temper/ anger management.

I wanna be able to raise my daughter in a way that she knows her self, that she never blames her self for something that is not about her.

I wanna be able to raise my son, so he respects and loves everything around him from flowers, to women.

LOVE is such a powerful thing.

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