• Cansu Ozgul

Sun salutation

As I was walking Picasso (my dog) today, I saw this mini puppy tied to a Mini Cooper , where the owner was inside the car and the poor doggy was chilling outside. I couldnt help myself but asked the owner, if the dog was punished. He said no. I am waiting for the sun.

Then that moment I turned my back and realized that the sun was about to rise behind the ocean.

Sometimes those interactions in life, or just 1 comment we decide to make can bring a huge moment with awareness to our lives.

Modern world made us go inside building, inside our own little selves, in front of many screens. We became strangers to each other. We are lacking that little encouragement to say 1 word to a person we meet outside.

Today was a beautiful example to be out there and interact more, with love. Keep your heart open. And universe will keep on surprising you with beautiful things


Cansu of Jamsu

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