• Cansu Ozgul


Updated: Feb 1, 2020

I used to

entertain myself with material things. At nights in my apartment on 28th floor overseeing times square on one side, the empire building on the other side, i would turn on myLaptop and shop for home or look for summer clothes to entertain myself. When material life lost its charm for me as a personal choice I found my self in a dull moment. In darkness. In paranoid state of mine just because it was an unknown place for me. So I felt uncomfortable in there for a LONG time When that dream doesnt play in your head anymore as you listen to that song while walking down the street, it might be hard to hang on to life. When inspiration is dead, the fuel for life is out , it might be difficult to continue breathing. That weird sensation in your throat might hit again. You may lose touch of that air that touches your nose and throat; might be hard to fill your bellly with that air and you suddenly start fluttering. Then once you realize where you are, you start to crawl again.

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