• Cansu Ozgul


When you are guided to this pathway of the heart take a moment to reflect on the quality in you that unites all qualities, that joins the yes and no of your being. ⠀⠀ A good place to begin any journey is to practice feelings of affirmation and negation, so that when choices arise, we can really feel how each alternative resonates within our innermost being.  Knowing our own true yes and no is part of being fully human. The feeling of yes and no connect to the most ancient names of the divine in the Middle East. These names use the root word AL (or EL), meaning the sacred Something, the ultimate Yes, coupled with the root LA (or LO), meaning the sacred Nothing, the ultimate No. ⠀⠀ Yes and no, existence and nonexistence, are built into the cells of our bodies. So if we dive deeply enough into the heart, we will find the place where the two need not split us in two. (Excerpt from the Sufi Book of Life) #sundayread #fullmoon

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