There is a gap between sources and people+problems today. It is important to become candid first about going through this path, then you need a map. If you

do not know where you need to go, how can you actually heal?


I wanted to start this platform to share what I learned. I still am learning every day, and will try to communicate my learnings as much as I can. Please note that I still highly recommend you to do your own research and get advice from a practitioner before applying anything to your self.

The Psyche

There is a tiny line between sanity and insanity. once you stretch your mind, you

can never go back and everything changes forever. 

Acknowledge / Identify The Problem

Have you ever thought about flying a drone around your life?  If that thing flew around you for a couple of months, what would he see? How do you live? How do you sleep? How do you eat? How do you cope up with stress? How organized is your life? How much of your life is known? Do you live by the rules of society? Do you have a safe job? what is safe? Are we safe? What is life anyway? Are you a risk-taker? Are you a dreamer? Are you social? Do you have a pet? When was the last time you watered a plant? Do you take cold showers?  Is your family around? What are some recurring events/acts/personality types in your life? Are you in a relationship?  

I would recommend getting a little notebook and start taking notes of:

- What you are grateful for?
- 2 confessions a week
- Your reflections on your relationships (close friendships and your romantic

- Your intentions
- Your dreams


Also, download the “Sleep Cycle” app on your iPhone, as well as make sure your steps are counted on the “Health” app.  And just like that start to get to know your life; and yourself!

The Environment 

Society, emf, pollution, etc. Let’s accept. We are living on fire. We are facing an emergency. According to the un, if we want to avoid a climate breakdown, carbon emissions must reach zero in the next 30 years. This is not only an environmental catastrophe that could impact future generations but one that would drastically affect our own. The world’s population is expected to grow by 20 percent over the next three decades to reach 9.7 billion. It seems unavoidable that we will need to cultivate more land to produce more food and build more shelter for an exponentially growing population. That building and construction, together with farming, are among the most polluting industries today, and play a major role in climate change (a note from the exhibition, "Eco-Visionaries” at Royal Academy of Arts in London.)


While all these happen, as energetic beings, it is almost unavoidable not to be affected by this catastrophic change. More and more people are waking up through the pain they feel. That’s how mine started too. My body was giving messages to me through anxiety acts and what I did was try to avoid it. then get some pills and shut it. Biggest mistake ever. 

The Genes/ The Bag We Carry

We carry genes that are passed on from our ancestors. The pain must end in this life. Take care of all for all.


Mind x Body: Wholistic Approach

Here is the truth, everyone heals differently. But I came to believe that every case must be approached holistically.  Here are some of the paths to experience around (at least have been for me).


At first, this is where society will push you. Even your family. My father took me to the best psychiatrist when my panic attacks hijacked my life. He thought he did something great for me. And I did too. That's what we thought. Western medicine! Beginning of an end!! (I'll get back to this: read my blog on anti anti-depressants)

Body Training

When you move, your body releases “happiness hormones”. You can realize the difference between your mood before working out and after. 

Meditation: Apps

I was extremely lucky to share an office with this meditation app that did so well. Through them, because I knew who they were and trusted, I went on that inner journey, called meditation. Unlike the common belief, you can actually meditate even while running. It is just about being in the moment - which was the most impossible possible for me.


Here is a problem with me. I keep on checking the time when I am in a class. If I am given a timeline I always track it which causes boredom and anxiety for me. So I stayed away from yoga classes for a long time. Now, I cannot go my day without at least doing 3 yoga poses in the morning which stretches my body and mind. What I loved the most about it is: it is okay to just sit on your mat that day if you feel like just sitting. Yoga is not competitive. It is inner freedom before a journey. 


It's new to me. I have been lucky to be surrounded by amazing people. one of my old friends in New York just got his sound bath certificate and did a one to one full-on sound bath at my apartment. My- g o o d n e s s. 


Honestly. I am obsessed. I just love the touch of a healer. I am all about energy. All healing energies accepted.


How can we avoid this field when it is right there with all its facts.


Goodbye western drugs, hello homeo.


Heaven on earth(body).


We are energy. What more?

Support Groups

I have been extremely lucky in attracting so many special people into my life whom I like to call them angels. You need to have your people. You need to hug more, love more, smile more. We are all one. no bs.

Popular Terms

Veganism, plant base, nut milk, ashwagandha, palo santo, CBD, kimchi, algae, spirulina, matcha, turmeric
acai, lipo, mushrooms.





The bottom line is doing more of what feels good. Create your own rules in life that resonate with you. 

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